Tailor made payment solutions for ambitious Ecommerce merchants taking over worldwide markets


Global credit card processing for your business with conversion over 90%
Increase your credit card acceptance rate with our very own Geltano Algorithm.

If a transaction is not accepted by one of our global acquiring banks, we will dynamically route it to another until the transaction is successful. We know how important it is for businesses to increase customer loyalty and maintain high conversion rates.
Geltano provides card processing as well as alternative payment methods in every region your company is willing to target. We provide pay-in and payout services in one multicurrency merchant account and through the own secure payment gateway platform.
Our unique gateway facilitates a multichannel Geltano card transaction process with access to a range of banks, as well as enhanced security measures and comprehensive risk and fraud management, through single API gateway integration.
APMs and eWallets are efficient alternative payment methods that empower payments and well recognized by the clients of your company in specific regions. Today, it's taken for granted that the ability to provide local eWallets on the eCommerce website payment page increase an overall purchase rate by up to 7%.
Credit cards processing
Alternative payment methods
Solutions for Ecommerce merchants
Why business choose us
Merchants receive cross-border card processing and APM solutions in the one single integration within the secure PCI DSS gateway platform that enables international eCommerce businesses to handle online payments in every region of the globe from one point.
10 business days boarding is the fastest time frame to provide a payment solution.
Fast boarding
All payments methods and anti-fraud tools are available in one single integration.
All in one integration
Both methods are to complete merchant payment service needs in full.
Pay-ins & Pay-outs
Our solution allows to set any currency and get multi-currency merchant account.
Clear fees
We will provide all new merchants with 0$ Set-up fee to get all payment methods in one simple API integration.
0$ setup fee
0$ boarding fee
2.3% fee from every successful transaction*
*Depends on payment method and region.
Get assistance every step of the way
Transaction routing, end-user customer service, business optimization, and much more are provided as additional services that no other payment provider would ever consider doing.
– 24/7 personal support
– Localized payment page in 25 languages
– Resolution Center
Customer Support
– 24/7 Account support
– Custom alerts
– Account review and optimization
– 24/7 Performance monitoring
– Price points localization
– Checkout flow management.
Account Management
Business Optimization
Easy-to-integrate API
Integrate ready-to-use Checkout API and use your Merchant Account to combine card payments with other payment methods to further expand your global coverage.
Customizable Hosted Page
Create your own credit card form and customize your payment flow with a server-to-server Integration using Geltano API.
Server-to-Server Integration
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